The Killers headline the NME Tour 05

Now I'm not a reader of NME, nor a fan of its ongoing sagas and dramas of Pete Doherty. I'm not at all interested in what's "in" in the 'London's Burning' scene, but every act on tonight's bill had something to offer and I decided to give it a go and see whether I came out disliking the indie elitists I assumed would be attending this gig more, or whether I'd be drawn into this subculture which is just ever so 'hip' right now.

The Killers have had a good year, starting out 05 with as re-release of their great album 'Hot Fuss', and to be honest I wasn't sure it would hold up live, after all if you stripped down the Killers all you'd be left with is some pop music with some eighties glitz and glamour left to them.

I had high expectations, they were the band I was most looking forward to on the bill. I was pleasantly surprised when they opened with "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine", the crowd was ready for the best known band on the bill and got into it immediately, the crowd at an NME show don't mosh, they dance, and when I say dance, they really, really dance. Brandon Flowers is such an enigmatic showman, growing up in Las Vegas really must have done him good, everything from his flamboyant gestures, bows and strides oozed star quality. His sequinned keyboards were pounded as the Killers logo was lit up in light behind the dapper Mr Flowers, dressed in a dinner jacket adorned with a brooch, as he took the stage by storm.

The rest of the band did strike me as slightly boring to watch, however the drummer must be commended as I have never seen a drummer as enthusiastic, Brandon even stopped at one point to commend his drummer on his work (and his bright yellow suit).

They played a good selection off their album, they even broke out some new tracks, which did not fail to impress, and they got the crowd moving and truly did exceed my expectations as a live band.
The high points of this set were easily the two hit singles "Mr Brightside" and "Somebody Told Me", during which the crowds' voices chanting along echoed off the walls of this magnificent venue, easily creating an electric atmosphere.

The night wouldn't be complete without a rendition of the flamboyant "Indie Rock N' Roll", I mean it was the NME tour after all, and as they played that song you could tell the audience felt as if they owned that song. In a way that summed up the whole night, because despite the Killers commercial success, as a live band for the fans they can do very little wrong, even in the eyes of jaded elitists.