Queen Adreena bring their destructive angst to London

Katie Jane Garside is quite possibly out of her mind. In a good way- at least for the lucky few packed into the ICA tonight. Nothing in the following set could be described as easy listening because not even Garside's silken voice can hide the tortured lyrics underneath. Sporting black boots and an artistically tattered dress, she looks like the slightest wind would knock her down, but the snarling, spitting, lustful music that her band mates create for her to rise above is far stronger than her appearance.

You could liken Queen Adreena to Jack Off Jill, but Queen Adreena are a more vivid, passionate combination of delicate vocals and razorblade sharp guitars. The sugar-coated wails are just one indication of the energy that is put into Queen Adreena's live shows. This goes beyond passion for music. When a band fully emerges itself in its music, you end up with the kind of blistering stage show that will effortlessly travel up the list of female fronted live acts and take its rightful place amongst the very best.

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There's a wild kind of beauty to be found within both waif-like front woman and the passionate display of self destruction that the audience is treated to. From the first wail to the final dying shriek as Garside falls to the ground, the talent held by this band, and their heroine shines through clearly. Beauty can be seen in so many different ways and Queen Adreena add to this idea- their chaotic music rejects outright the conventional media dictated ideas of beauty.

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