Creating an inferno of melodic beauty

After an introduction at the end of their set by Chimaira, the crowd is riling for In Flames more than ever. The music from this Scandinavian melodic death metal band is well known and respected and for good reason. Along with Children of Bodom, (by whom they are heavily influenced) In Flames boast raw and grating vocals with cascading melodic synth and guitar arrangements that just can't fail to make the hair on the back of anyone's neck stand up and send shivers down the spine. Their music is beautifully atmospheric with incredible structure, while still retaining all the classic elements that make death metal what it is.

Finally they appear, with a beautifully melodic kick start, the guitarist is perfectly on form and teaming up with vocals that purr along before throwing themselves into a pure screaming, driving assault, marrying the melodic trance of the instrumental band with the pure power and determination of the vocalist. And, the crowd love them! So far, In Flames are doing an outstanding job of headlining the Snickers stage, especially as this is their first appearance at Download. They race into 'Pinball Map', a new song from their latest album. Instantly the crowd scream as the song kicks in and then sing along religiously. The song itself is a lot faster and less melodic than their older material but it still has all the staying power that make In Flames really special.

The crowd are wild for them and in turn they are well received by the band who play that little bit louder everytime they get a response. The set is extremely impressive too, with very atmospheric lighting and flawless sound. In Flames couldn't have had a better set nor a better audience. In Flames continue to play newer material, this time a more the synth heavy, slowly driving melodic paradise of all the best tricks of the trade in metal. It rages on and drives with incredible force. In Flames truly create a passionate fire within their music and the crowd are attracted like a moth to the ever blinding flame.

They then play material from 'Clayman', easily the best album they've released. Well balanced between the melodic and pure chaotic death metal elements, it works incredibly well live and in fact is more powerful here then record. No one is disappointed here, In Flames truly have created an unstoppable inferno tonight, one that will continue to blaze for a very long time in hearts of everyone present.