Nobody Really Cares

Muse have had diverse support over the various nights of this tour, and tonight is the turn of The Open. It was always going to be hard for them to open for a band with such a huge and dedicated fanbase as Muse, and it�s no surprise when they are less than well received.

The band come onstage to a crowd of disinterested Muse fans, most of whom are only there to be at the front for their heroes� set. There is a pitiful reaction, and most people barely move at all. It doesn�t help that The Open have very little stage presence and all the songs of the short set seem to merge because there is no interaction with the crowd in between each one.

Whilst most people are simply staring blankly into space, one fan takes it upon himself to hurl abuse at the band. Eventually they just leave the stage, still having said nothing. No one really cares. Not bad, but nothing special, and definitely not the right choice for tonight.