Electric Six

For 2003 there is one band known for its catchy riffs that launched them successfully on to the UK scene. It would be hard to find a single person within the UK that has not heard "Gay Bar". For many people, the question is - what is the rest of Electric Six's music like?

Tonight Electric Six are completing their UK tour. They are playing Staffordshire University at Stoke-on-Trent to a crowd of some 1,500 people. Whilst the support acts may attract little attention from the crowd, most of whom prefer to spend the time in the bar, as soon as E6 grace the stage (at nearing 11pm) everyone has their attention focussed on the next hour-and-a-bit.

The six-some play all of the hits from their current album as well as a new song and their cover of Queen's "Radio Ga Ga" - all in all a very similar set to this years Carling Weekend, with the exception of the placement of "Gay Bar". This song is held back until very near the end of the set when the majority of the crowd go wild, hearing the only song they have actually come to hear. This is followed by one final song and the night ends just before midnight.

Electric Six are a very tight band with a lot of their music not quite having the electric-pop-rock stylings of their known singles. They are a musically talented band and it all pulls off really well. If you see Electric Six you realise that they are far more than Gay Bar. whilst the music may still not be the most in-depth - it is good, it is better than good. For a show, they manage to pull off better sets than many bands that have been touring for many years. If you don't like to music - go to see them for the keyboardists hair. The 1980s are back.