Chino's Been Back to School

It might be the third stage, but considering the fact that Team Sleep are relatively unknown it is a wonder that they're this far up the bill. There's one good reason for this - this is Chino Moreno's (Deftones) side project.

As the crowd slowly start to fill in to the third stage tent, Chino and his cohorts walk on stage to play to a crowd with a lot of questions on their mind. Will Team Sleep be a poor copy of the Deftones, will they be any good and why are they so far up the line-up when more known bands such as The Glitterati and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster are underneath them?

Team Sleep do sounds like Deftones - but not in a bad or "in your face" way. Chino has grown and mellowed with his side project as the anger and angst of youth common in Deftones anthems like "Back to School" have been replaced with a more mature look at life through the music.

When it comes to their actual performance, Team Sleep are damned good considering the fact that they're fighting against the looming name of Deftones on the horizon. They're tight, they're driven and they're packed with a truth and feeling that actually comes across in their music. Don't expect the Deftones with Team Sleep, but do expect a fantastic, melodic, almost prog-rock sound.