American Emo

A Change of Pace are a festival wildcard - an American emo band unknown to most people. Emo can go horribly wrong at the best of times, but when you combine emo with a predominantly metal festival, the kind of set that kills a band can happen.

As a band, A Chance of Pace are unpolished and unpractised but they genuinely have what is missing from a lot of emo bands - the emotion. Their songs may need some work in places, but the passion is consistent throughout their set.

As they reach their heavier material they manage to pull back the attention of the crowd members whose attention has been wandering. There is no doubt that A Change of Pace are not Funeral For a Friend, nor are they My Chemical Romance but they will have definitely won over some new fans today.

The set draws to a close with an energetic, powerful and strong song that shows glimpses of their true potential. They're not the best band in the world by a long shot, but they are definitely worth listening to if you're an emo fan or have ever flirted with it in the past. Even if you're not then give them a try anyway as they're not your average emo band.