Scot-rock n 1. Biffy Clyro

"Mon the Biffy!" - a phrase which seems to have actually become an integral part of the music at a Biffy Clyro show, as important as the snare drum or the distortion pedal. Back home in that untamed land comprising Picts, Celts and Neds (and then the modern Scots), Biffy Clyro were seriously churning out a good atmosphere this evening, despite their support band status. In much the same way as the main band, Hundred Reasons, and the American-post-hardcore Senses Fail, Biffy Clyro know how to show the fans a good time. In a musical way, of course.
Biffy Clyro like to think of themselves as a true band: no one member is more important to the music as a whole (as all three of them sing) and it is certainly this equality which helps Biffy Clyro's live performance be both tight and amazing. After playing many fan favourites, in addition to some new songs - which do sound amazing - Biffy Clyro, through thick applause, leave the crowd, who are totally satisfied and ready for Hundred Reasons.