No Danger Of Meltdown Just Yet!

A fairly young band featuring two brothers, Uranium apparently got this gig by just ringing up and asking if they could play! Well, if you don't ask you don't get.

They open with an uncomplicated song featuring simple riffs, the vocals are strong with a US gravelly tinge, the bass player looks like he plays well but unfortunately his runs are lost in a muffled mix. There are some nice guitar parts but they are a little over indulgent and the second guitarist really needs to work on his stage presence! Although the song picks up well towards the end it's fairly unremarkable.

The sound for Uranium is not great, the mix is too quiet which means that the second song, a much faster more driving affair, fails to have the impact it deserves. Uranium do have some good songs in their repertoire and when they weed out the weaker ones they could be onto something. Their sound is hard enough to win over metal fans but tuneful enough to gain wider appeal, they are good musicians but you feel they just need a little more refining.

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They cover Metallica's 'Fade To Black' and they really shouldn't, it's a sloppy version with missed beats and a slightly out of tune guitar. 'Worms' follows and is much better and features the two guitarists doing a little showing off and simultaneously playing each others guitars. The last song is a cover of RATM's 'Killing In The Name Of', which gets some of the crowd going and is much better than the Metallica cover but a bit of an obvious choice and it has to be said that two cover versions in a half hour set is at least one too many. Good potential though.

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