Sun drenched pop

Brinkman are another of the unsigned bands on display today and from this showing, that won't last long. At a time when nearly all bands seem to be taking their cue from the same sources, and being either described as "angular" or "spiky" as a result; it's refreshing to come across a band that prefers to plough a different path. In Brinkman's case it's the clear blue sky sounds of Big Star, Gram Parsons and the heaven sent sounds of Americana. As with Rank Deluxe, who were on before, Brinkman showed a poise and confidence that impressed for a fairly new band. Of the songs they played the highlight was undoubtedly "Look For Me": a sure fire hit in the waiting. Built around an exquisite rolling bass line and a sparkling guitar line and vocal delivery reminiscent of Lou Reed, it breaks into a sublime chorus then builds to a crashing finale: a perfect pop moment as the sun slowly crept across Denmark Street.