First tour? These girls are great!!

Leeds four-piece The Ivories have been the benefactors of some glowing praise and this tour was not only to promote their debut single 'Reduce The Temperature' but also to allow fans to cast a critical ear over their output.

And when you are being billed as the next big thing, the best way to start is with 'Disappointment', which is a b-side of the current single. From the opening few bars the tempo was set for a loud fast set with Anna Prior making an immediate impact with her drums being hammered with a sharp ferocity. As statements of intent go, it was an impressive start.

The next few songs continued in the same vein with the drums at the fore being complimented well by Emma Rowe's guitar playing which was setting off jagged rhythms and fills. And then there are Helena Gee's vocals which soared and rallied throughout, casting critical barbs upon those who have previously crossed her as she marauds and prowls the stage. Make no mistake, this band has a dark and sinister edge and they are not afraid to use it.

Glasgow on a Saturday night may be a strange place, and Bonfire Night only added to the effect but the band seemed pleased, if not perplexed, at some of the dancing that was going on in front of them. It seemed as though a few early converts were made to the way of The Ivories.

Halfway through the set an almighty bass line kicked off another song and continued throughout, giving the song an almost dance like feel or a scuzzier 'Seven Nation Army.' Due to the stage lighting, bassist Cathy Russell may have received less exposure than her band mates but her playing on this track more than made up for it.

A new song for the band 'Heartstrings' was played before the closing one-two of 'Tonight' and 'Reduce The Temperature' were unveiled. For the price of a single, it would be lunacy not to own these songs. 'Tonight' is a punky pop track with the overtones of going out for a night with your plans set in stone and woe betides those who try and intervene. The debut single finished the set and showcased Helena Gee's delivery and power as the chorus was rammed home repeatedly at the end of the set.

For first viewing, it was a fantastic short sharp set that went a long way in proving The Ivories have got something going for them. Never mind the hype or what they are being made out to be, just listen to the music and let them into your dark beating hearts.