Effortless Grace

Lacuna Coil are Century Media's darlings, for their album Comalies has sold steadily since it's release. They might not be a band that gets top 10 singles each time they release new material, but they undeniably have a strong, dedicated and growing fan base.

Playing the Main Stage on Sunday afternoon might be a little too much for this band who appear to do everything slowly but surely. However, their set is powerful and for those who have turned up to enjoy their unique blend of metal with catchy female vocals, it is a huge step from the set they played on the Snickers Stage last year.

The band play a variety of songs from their albums, but it's 'Swamped', 'Heaven's A Lie', new single 'Our Truth' and their cover of 'Enjoy The Silence' that really stand out.

Cristina Scabbia looks effortlessly cool on stage, shrugging off the corsets and dressed favoured by other female fronted metal bands and instead opting for a far more comfortable outfit.

Regardless of their attire, the band perform well and even the wind doesn't really effect the sound on their set. Scabbia's voice is powerful and seems somehow too big for such a slim woman. The fans cheer wildly after each song and more people gather to watch.

Perhaps they were incorrectly placed on the main stage when a high Snickers Stage set could have suited them better, but regardless of their placement, the performance they give is good and they put on a fantastic show regardless.