Bringing Light to the Metalcore Scene

Darkest Hour play dark, energetic music infused with a large portion of rage added in. It's hard to tell if people are here because they want to be or simply because the Myspace/Gibson stage offers some protection from the blistering heat.

Still, the cheers are loud after each song played and more people pack into the tent to hear this unusual high speed band play. Darkest Hour have perfected that infectious mix between punk and death metal. Formed in the mid 90's, the band have had plenty of time to perfect their deadly blend of metalcore.

Having been signed to Victory Records with a DVD and a couple of albums under their belt, this is a band that is on the up and with this brutal onslaught of bloodshedding music it is no wonder why. Any band with this amount of power and integrity deserves what they get and if they work for it, they deserve a greater reward. The band's set today proves why there is a slight ripple around their music. Ripples have a tendency to grow in size and so perhaps we will be hearing much more of Darkest Hour very soon.