Anything can happen in the next half hour

The Myspace / Gibson tent is packed for the arrival of Enter Shikari and after giving the band a big reception the crowd instantly clap along to the trip hop intro. Front man Rou launches himself around the stage right from the off and gives us vocals with a touch of emo / screamcore as the band deliver post hardcore riffs. It's a high energy performance that is highlighted by some consummate musicianship and in particular some impressive double bass pedal work. On the down side they win the award for worst outfit of the day with Rou sporting blue shorts, an orange tshirt and an oversized baseball cap!

As the set progresses the more they impress with a succession of effortless harmonies, catchy choruses and the sort of storming performance that would put FFAF to shame. It's honest and unpretentious and the crowd love it, it may be early but it's already clear that Enter Shikari have turned in one of the performances of the day.

The only problem (and I seem to recall it on this stage last year) is that it's not quite loud enough to achieve the full effect. However it doesn't detract too much and the injection of the odd dance beat or synth interlude works very well and gives the band that extra ingredient. The whole band are clearly up for it, most notably the drummer who leaves his kit at every opportunity to goad the crowd, even climbing the rigging at the side of the stage and it's all highly entertaining. Enter Shikari really are out on their own today and seemingly have it all, a thoroughly excellent performance.