The show was so passť.

The Dandy Warhols are a strange act to understand at times. They have plenty of good hits and tunes in the career but are still very much known for adverts and then 'Dig', the film which showcased their friendship and rivalry with The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

The main part of the show was so lacklustre it was unbelievable. Barely a sneer of contempt passed the lead singer's lips and you wonder what the mental state of the Dandy Warhols is when they play these festivals.

Is their set a reaction to the fact that they think the crowd are only around to hear the advert songs and can discard so many of their other good hits or are the band quite relaxed, safe in the knowledge the advert songs will forever provide their pension and they don't need to attack each festival showing with a vigour and drive to win over new fans?

Having caught the Dandy Warhols a few years back at T in the Park, the exact same type of show unfolded and it's a lack of professionalism that doesn't look too good for a band.

Largely it was a poor show that was unfair on the crowd and even the band, as their back catalogue deserves a better airing that the one it received.

'Last Junkie on Earth' was tossed off, a creaky version with all crunching rhythm and not much finesse about it, yet still stood head and shoulders over the opening half of the set.

Just before 'Bohemian Like You', my own phone started to ring and I was wondering if the Dandys had such a great marketing tie-in that they could phone the audience to tell them that the song from the phone commercial was about to start.

After getting over that idiotic idea, it turned out to be a phone from a friend who is currently in Ibiza having a ball and decided to phone considering we were both far from home. In a digression, this shows the increasing numbers of people who are turning abroad for their musical kicks, and the low prices of festivals and the chance to combine it with a summer holiday and it's thoroughly recommended. The phone call was also the highlight of the set.

It may be unfortunate if you catch a band playing with as little passion as the Dandy Warhols, whose following plea for fans to throw joints on stage for the band may indicate where their heads were at, but overall, not even a dull band or two could dampen the pleasure or excitement of the foreign festival. If only The Dandy Warhols could tighten up their act and give their back catalogue some credit.