Black River Project entertain more than adequately

After a (hopefully) good night's kip and a good time on the Friday before, I woke not sure what to expect from Black River Project, having not heard them before, I went in with my expectations low but was very pleasantly surprised both with the band's music and their performance which made for a highly enjoyable thirty minutes.

Mixing brutal Obituary-style death metal with a few interesting thrash guitar parts, Black River Project have the perfect in-your-face music to wake you up after a wild Friday night, and the band certainly manage to entertain well. They have an unmissable and irrepressible energy on the stage for a band at so low a position on the bill.

And Black River Project's brand of death metal soon proves to be wildly popular, the band pull in what was pretty much the largest and most enthusiastic crowd seen in the second stage tent all day! Several rows of wildly head banging appreciators can be seen at the barrier and the band's energetic performance mixed with their quite frankly, brutal tunes seems to go down well with all.

Overall Black River Project were a top notch choice to open the UK Unsigned Rock Stage for the second day, and it is actually a shame that they were not higher up so perhaps more awake people could have seen them and they could have gained an even larger, and most definitely deserved, audience. Definitely a band worth seeing if given the opportunity, and one that will hopefully be seen at a future Bloodstock event.