Isaiah play a solid, yet somehow underwhelming set

The day was getting on, we were getting closer to the real top-end bands such as Ensiferum or Turisas which would be the real crowd pleasers at this years Bloodstock and perhaps some people didn't have the time or drive to go catch more second stage bands instead, so what did Isaiah offer to entice the punters? To be honest, whilst their songs are enjoyable to an extent, they really didn't have much to entertain when there were greater entertainments around the corner.

Isaiah again presented a familiar theme for the Saturday second stage - a mix of death/thrash metal with high-end guitars and vocal grunts and crashing drums. It may just be that this sort of music had been on all day so far, or that the band perhaps didn't perform it as well as earlier bands, but nothing in particular leapt out and grapped me during this set. Overall really their sound (although highly precise, technical and well performed), just kind of washed over me and didn't really hit the spot, push that button, or well, excite me.

Overall then Isaiah really had nothing that leapt out and impressed, unlike the brutally heavy offerings of Solace or the great performance values of Black River Project earlier in the day they really didn't have much to offer in comparison and thus fell a little flat. Perhaps with a stronger live performance, a slightly more unique identity or perhaps simply a slightly heavier sound they will be able to create a stronger and more cohesive life performance in the future.