Your parents are what?!

On first impressions Danni McCormack appears to have come straight from the burlesque school of style with immaculate dark red hair contrasting against black bodice and huge black platform boots. She certainly looks the part and is quite striking, particularly compared to her band, who appear to have come as an upmarket blues brothers!

As they kick off their set the first thing that strikes you is the strength of her voice, it's certainly impressive and she has a good stage presence but early on she seems restrained by the style of music they are playing. The straight up melodic rock of the first few numbers doesn't seem to live up to their image and the choruses in particular come across as being too obvious, leaning too much on pop sensibilities. That said, with some atmospheric lighting the quieter intros promise much and the verses often have a good, almost gothic dark edge to them, it's almost a shame when the impact is lost with weaker choruses and again early on the lyrics don't seem particularly inspired.

Danni McCormack's set is a game of two halves though and things do get better the further they get into it. The song structures get a little more intricate and the band give a good visual performance, throw in a well received cover of Cheap Trick's 'I Want You to Want Me' and it seems the crowd are warming to them. Overall they are a little frustrating, whilst they do get the formula right on occasion they never quite build on it like you hope they will. Danni McCormack has shown that she and her band have the talent and potential to produce something a little different and special but perhaps they need to concentrate on the stronger elements of the songs before they can really produce the sucker punch. Today though they go down well in front of what has been a hard to please crowd and as they've been together for less than a year there's surely better to come.