A very odd stage time

Echo and the Bunnymen are one of the UK's finest Indie rock bands. They played a great set on the Main Stage at V in 2003, and have a new album out which, alright didn't set the world on fire, but you don't stop being a legendary act just because you're not flavour of the month. All this begs the question, what the hell were they doing hidden away in the JJB Arena, below the likes of Kano and Girls Aloud?

I couldn't help but wonder if this question wasn't going through their brains too. There wasn't the same full on energy about their set as I've seen in the past, and it seemed as if they'd simply turned up to play a few songs, rather than put on a top class show. Granted their crowd, like most others for this stage were having to live with sound that wasn't the greatest, but the tent wasn't exactly what you'd call full either.

All that said, when you have classics in the set such as 'Nothing Ever Last's Forever' and 'Killing Moon', and one of the greatest songs of the eighties, if not all time 'The Cutter' to round things off, those who turned up were always going to leave with a smile on their faces.

So although they're a great name of British music, and have played some mighty performances in the past, on this occasion this was not a classic by any means.