Like a pint of listerene

Word is obviously spreading about Enter Shikari, the tent has filled up noticeably since The Quiet Kill and the band get a great crowd reception as they come on. Anyone who saw Enter Shikari at Download can't fail to have been impressed and it only remains to be seen if they can top that performance.

As the dancey intro begins they are already climbing up the lighting rig before singer Rou explodes onto the stage in a burst of energy. The sound isn't the best and they seem to have a few technical problems but it's good enough to get the energy and enthusiasm over to the crowd who lap it up. It's a curious blend of hardcore and dance beats but it works extremely well.

Before 'Return to Energiser' they call for a circle pit, I'm not sure they get one (well it is getting dark!) but they do manage to get most of the crowd involved. Enter Shikari mix melody, power and dynamics to great effect and this is ably demonstrated by their forthcoming download only single 'Mothership'; it sums up perfectly what Enter Shikari are about. Heavy crunching riffs combine with intense vocals and speeding dance beats, whilst visually the whole band just fly all over the stage.

Enter Shikari have conquered all before them once again, they are a breath of fresh air in an often tired scene and are surely destined for greatness.