An okay show from a band who have been touring hard.

In a set that started off in torrential rain, allowing easy access to the very front of the stage and a sparse amount of people watching, Tapes N Tapes had to contend with some poor weather but didn't let it derail their Indian Summer set. Having been seen as one of the major acts at the SXSW festival and having quickly blasted through Britain at the start of summer, the band has certainly did the ground work their album deserves.

In trying to judge this set fairly, it's important to put it in some perspective. Back in May, the band played a blistering set in Nice N Sleazys, a small sized underground cavern that allows good bands to excel in its dungeon-like surroundings and it is a location like that which Tapes N Tapes thrive on. Therefore, a large open ended park, with inclement weather and it being their last gig on a rather long section of touring, there was some justification for Tapes N Tapes being good but never transcending beyond it.

Everything was in its right place, the on-stage chat and banter was as warm and humorous as before, and the songs all had their snake-like charm and varying tempos in place. The songs came across okay, and the band seemed genuinely touched that people were braving some harsh weather to enjoy the set but it failed to spark as much as hoped.

Unsurprisingly, 'Insistor' appeared to be the best sounding song, with its murky and indescribable lyrics catching on, just as the sun was starting to peek out from behind the crowds. On another day, Tapes N Tapes could have been one of the big winners at Indian Summer but as it was, the band could reflect on a decent show and look forward to a deserved break. The crowd looked forward to another drink and a bit of respite from the rain.