Two drummers means a whole lot of power.

They may be unfortunately named but Dananananaykroyd are also building a name and reputation for themselves in the local Scottish music scene. Playing in the small ABC tent on the Sunday, their set allowed many a first glance at a band tipped to do well.

From the off, the set was driving and taking no prisoners, with the volume and ferocity reaching high levels. The lead singer was also extremely energetic, never stopping moving and quite often foregoing singing to bellow out some shouts. Another point of note was that the band used two drummers, giving their songs a sturdy back base, allowing the other musicians to roam and power on. Of course, coming after having seen Tilly and The Wall who had no drummer, perhaps the bands could do some sort of trade with Dananananaykroyd possibly benefiting from some tap-dancing accompaniment.

With the heavens having opened and the rain attacking Victoria Park, the tent had filled up nicely and the band was winning a majority over. The final song, 'Song One Puzzle', was a tremendous blast, a seedier, darker cousin of Franz Ferdinands 'Take Me out' with the time changes and instrumental lunges being greatly received by the crowd.

It's a certainty that this won't be the last time that the band will be checked out and hopefully they can go onto bigger and better things. There may be a struggle with the name but there's too little to argue with the music on show.