New Rhodes, familiar paths

With the Vodafone Best unsigned band award up their sleeve, expectations of New Rhodes were starting to get ahead of their selves and of their Glasgow support slot to The Veils.

Kicking around since 2001, that's a lot of history for a band to still be coming through but with an album finally in tow, by the time the band hit the stage there seemed a waiting throng at the front of the stage eager to welcome them onstage, as the rest of the crowd hung back and gave the bar staff some gainful employment.

After the first couple of tracks, the impressions of the band seemed to place them in between the Editors and The Cribs, the guitar was crisp and clean but the vocals had a laddish sing-along element that seemed quite warm and welcoming.

Endearing (or perhaps endangering) themselves to the Scottish crowd by citing an overload of haggis as the main reason for their lack of moving about on stage, the longer the set continued, the more obvious the amount of big songs the band had up their sleeve. Every song of the relatively short set had the potential to be a set closer; such was the anthemic style and delivery of the tracks.

'You have given something that I cant give back' was an early peak of the set but throughout the short set, there was a lot of fun to be had and theres likely to be more to hear from this band in the future.