Geeks shall inherit the earth.

The opening slot of an NME tour has turned out to be quite profitable for acts like Coldplay and Franz Ferdinand, and although the same pressure may not be applied to the Nu-Rave tour, there was a lot of hope and expectations for opening act Datarock.

In the studio, they may be a two-piece but on stage, they're an energetic full band, decked out in matching red tracksuits, very fitting for their non-stop workout and getting the crowd moving.

Straddling the line of pastiche and tribute stories with some very earnest musical offerings, the thumping bass-line was a perfect accompaniment to their lyrical tales of BMX bikes, falling in love with computer geeks and some downright sleaze, Datarock were easy on the ear and ensure the evening got off to a good start.

The falsetto vocals may make it tricky to sing along to at times, so most of the crowd ignored that idea and just danced, which was probably the right option.

Set-closer 'Fa-fa-fa' has been around for a few years, appearing on Annies 'DJ Kicks' mix cd but it sounds as modern yet timeless as it did on first listen. A strutting tempo and a custom-built shout along moment, Datarock were on board with the mood of the evening and as they stumbled off stage to cheers and applause, can look back on a profitable tour for themselves.