Impossibly groovy

Y'r Impossible describe themselves as a four-piece post-punk new-wave pop outfit from sunny Preston and that pretty much hits the nail on the head. Today finds them playing in the basement of Manchester's Dry Bar and although it's small it certainly works in their favour. A small crowd looks healthy in here and those that have braved the stairs are rewarded with one of the performances of the day. Y'r Impossible deliver an infectious performance that centres around female vocalist Stevie Guy, (who pulls a succession of cute and amusing faces) but is backed up with some excellent tunes.

The influences are obvious but it's done so well that it hardly matters, this is a prime slab of 80s sounding industrial art rock at times and Y'r Impossible go along way to proving that the style still has a relevance today. There are a couple of obvious highlights, most notably 'Art Machine', which features some great meaty fuzz bass and some wild drumming. Halfway through the last song Stevie leaves the stage and dances with one of the crowd before deciding she's had enough of that and promptly leaves the room, leaving the rest of the band to finish off.

The performance isn't the most energetic but they have real presence and the tunes shine through. Punchy, to the point, raw, vibrant and refreshing, Y'r Impossible prove to be one of the finds of the weekend.