Any old iron?

Tonight's support slot is my first encounter with London based TAT, which is surprising given that they've already had a spot on the Warped tour, played at Download and supported bands such as Offspring and Therapy before this tour with Bouncing Souls. A three piece fronted by Tatiana DeMaria they play melodic punk that on first impressions falls somewhere between the Distillers and Tsunami Bomb, which is no bad thing.

TAT make a good noise for a three piece, managing to combine catchy tunes with good harmonies and sing along choruses, their speedy riffs coupled with an energetic performance get the crowd warmed up early and despite being bottom of the bill they get a healthy turnout. Sure they are not particularly original with most of the set following the tried and tested three major chord formula but they do their thing extremely well and all prove to be more than able musicians.

Their half-hour set does them plenty of favours and they do manage to inject some variety with the ska tinged 'Bloodstain'. Tatiana's performance is confident and assured and she even manages to play a guitar solo behind her head Hendrix style, which all adds to their appeal. The slower numbers lack the impact of faster songs but with tracks like 'Champagne, Cocaine & Strawberries' they deliver a certain charm and a big chorus or ending is never far away. A solid show full of positives and whilst they may not be the deepest band musically there's plenty to like, good stuff.