The Right(eous) Stuff

Lamb of God are on a mission today and they certainly succeed in getting the most crowd interaction of the day so far on the main stage. It's hard to believe they've been around for seventeen years but in that time they've developed into a brutally impressive unit.

Chris Adler's drums are just immense today and really are the cornerstone of the band's whole sound. Coupled with the dual guitar attack of Mark Morton and Willie Adler alongside Randy Blythe's harsh vocals they are a real powerhouse and the crowd in front of the main stage love it. They get a wild circle pit going during 'Pathetic', which really does showcase Adler's drumming, in short it's fucking amazing in both it's speed and intensity. Overall Lamb of God create a good balance in their sound between intense metal and more progressive moments and combine it all with a compelling performance.

It's some view from the hill to the side of the stage looking down on the packed crowd as circle pits give way to a sea of raised hands. A thoroughly impressive display of outstanding musicianship that never becomes self indulgent or boring is the hallmark of Lamb of God's set today and it puts them right up there with the best bands of the weekend. Devastatingly good!