More Bricks Please

Now this is an interesting one, South Wales five piece Kids in Glass Houses have been described as both power pop and post hardcore and have been touted as the next big thing from numerous quarters. Interest begins to fade early on in their set as it's easy to make the assessment that they're certainly not post hardcore, the pop sensibilities are just flooding out of every instrument. They do have the odd heavier moment but in the main are melodic and much nearer the lighter end of bands like Hundred Reasons.

They get a decent crowd in and go down well but the more they play the more some of the songs are nearer to McFly than anything remotely hardcore and whilst good at what they do there really is no edge to them at all. On the plus side they put on a good show and the singer is a good front man. They make several references during their set to not seeing Napalm Death (with whom they clash) and I get the feeling there are a good few here that wish they had gone to see Barney Greenway & chums.

The highlight of their set and really the only moment where they make any real impression is when they invite Frank Carter from Gallows on stage to cover a Glassjaw song. Carter goes crowd surfing again and the harder sound is a welcome respite. It doesn't last long though as they finish up with new single 'Me, Me, Me', which takes them right back to nice mainstream indie rock. After all the hype and press Kids in Glass Houses are a major disappointment and I'm left really struggling to see what all the fuss is about.