Is this the next big Brit rock thing?

Kids in Glass Houses headlined the first day of the Kerrang!-curated O! Bar and were certainly one of the stand out performers from Thursday's action.

As you'll doubtless know by now, Camden Crawl has become famous for putting on bands either before or on the brink of the big time and this lot from Wales looked to be as nailed on a certainty to join the long list of success stories as you could wish to find.

The band announced their arrival on stage with the intro to Michael Jackson's 'Black or White', that bit where the kid is playing his music loud and the grumpy dad hammers on the door to tell him to "turn it off!"...Certainly not what I was expecting...but it worked!

Imagine the heavy side of early Funeral For A Friend, mixed in with the commercial edge of old Fallout Boy material as a starting point for the Kids in Glass Houses sound. Then take lyrics inspired by living in the Welsh valleys (it's far from romantic) and the product is ready to take on the world, or so it would seem.

Their 2006 EP 'E-Pocalypse' was well received. They've made a name for themselves live by supporting Lostprophets and with the first track from the EP 'Me, Me, Me' set for a single release nearer to Download and judging by the reaction from the Camden Crawl faithful, all the mainstream rock boxes have been ticked. This of course will be their downfall in the eyes of some but there's no denying KIGH are a tight, efficient rock machine.

Aside from Download they're lined up to play Give It A Name and the Full Ponty.