Sunday School With An Addictive Beat

Bounding across the stage with a white mask obscuring his face, lead guitarist Fred Mascherino is the first glimpse of Taking Back Sunday to grace the Wembley crowd. Soon joined by his fellow masked band mates, the Amityville quintet quickly remove their props, leaving everyone bemused and wondering what the real purpose was as they launch into 'What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?' quickly followed by the infectiously energetic recent single 'Liar (It Takes One To Know One)' accompanied by dance moves curtsey of Adam Lazzara as he swings his microphone full force, skilfully catching it on the beat every time and thankfully avoiding knocking out his band members.

From this point in Taking Back Sunday could arguably control the crowd if they so desired. Blessed with catchy hits that resonate with the majority of The Lostprophets' fans, TBS effortlessly whirl off the likes of 'You're So Last Summer' and 'My Blue Heaven' with ease as Lazzara shimmies around with a grace that surely doesn't go hand in hand with his towering height matched only by bassist Matt Rubano ability to dart around vigorously, charging from one side of the stage to the other, interrupted only by Lazzara's attempts to bring a little of the deep south's preaching to London. Jokingly invoking a preacher from the deepest depths of America's south, Lazzara manages to bring a touch of religion to today's proceedings, well after all it is a Sunday before resuming his energetic display of head jerking, hair shaking whirls as 'Twenty Twenty Surgery' is delivered in all its infectious vitality, making way only for a soaring rendition of 'MakeDamnSure', a track Lazzara feverishly twirls his mike to, almost launching it into the arena ceiling, displaying TBS in all their electrifyingly addictive glory.