Vagrant Stomp

It's not all about America today as the UK's own Orange Goblin take to the second stage mid afternoon and pull an impressively big crowd. It's all beards and long hair but considering they are best known as stoner rock they are surprisingly fast. The tunes are fast, heavy and very well played but most importantly they are damn good!

The vocals fall between throaty and melodic and it's a big performance from front man Ben Ward. There's also some impressive guitar work from Joe Hoare who really drives the band along. The sound is great and the less complicated riffs are crisp meaning they come over exceedingly well. 'Some You Win, Some You Lose' has a real Sabbath feel to it and the longer they play the more impressive they are. Once again set times conspire against me & I'm forced to leave half way through 'The Ballad of Solomon Eagle' but Orange Goblin have done enough already today to really impress. A proper dip into their back catalogue is long overdue!