Last Days Of April

Last Days Of April have been together for over ten years and have won over crowds across Europe, however, they are still pretty much unknown in England so in the last days of April they joined The Ataris on tour and provided their main support.

After a dismal performance by Neil's Children the crowd seemed apprehensive as to what was going to be thrown at them next. As the band came out on stage the Wedgewood Rooms was barely half full but they received a warm applause. When Karl spoke you could notice puzzled faces in the crowd as they failed to understand what he said in his Swedish accent. After this unfortunate start things were not looking great for Last Days Of April but once they started performing it was instantly obvious they were going to be a hit with the crowd.

If you didn't know that Kristian was new to the band you wouldn't have been able to tell from his performance on the night, and although he was pretty lifeless on stage he obviously knew his way around a bass guitar. All the instruments during their performance were incredibly clear and well played, and it was obvious why the band have had a ten year career. The only thing that ruined their performance was that at some points Karl's vocals seemed mumbled and you couldn't understand what he was singing.

Over all it was a great performance from the boys, and I guess the dodgy vocal work in places could have been down to nerves.