Minor imperfections

York band Elliot Minor's claim to fame is that they supported McFly in their previous incarnation as The Academy! They get a decent sized crowd considering the hour of the day and a good reception when they come on.

As you might expect their sound revolves around mid paced indie with pop overtones, nice melodies and harmonies work well but considering where they are playing it's all a bit too light. The new single 'Jessica' is a little harder (but not much!) and here at least it's easy to see why they cite All American Rejects as an influence. It has a big chorus, is fairly catchy and given that their debut single charted at number 31 I wouldn't be surprised if this achieved similar success.

Elliot Minor are accomplished performers and good at what they do but it's all a touch obvious and a little slow for anything other than mainstream attention. The keyboards are a welcome addition and give them a little something extra and they do go down well with the crowd at the front, which is predominantly female. They finish with their hit 'Parallel Worlds' which kicks off with a big organ intro but gives way to more of the same. At the end of the day Elliot Minor will probably do very well and would fit in nicely on a tour with McFly but they're a touch out of place here.