Outta their way

Damone are a US four piece fronted by guitarist and vocalist Noelle. They have a big sound with definite elements of power pop, which easily fills the Tuborg tent. The band is on the case from the word go and are entertaining to watch although Noelle spits too much!

The songs are quite heavy but melodic with pop sensibilities and although their early attempt at crowd participation doesn't quite work they go down well enough. Noelle has a good strong voice and after a few songs it's easy to see why they've been picked up for a host of film and video game soundtracks. There is some impressive lead guitar work from Mike Woods and the group harmonies also work well but there is a feeling that there's often no real edge to the band. After a while the songs do start to sound rather similar although the title track of the new EP is harder and works well when coupled with some foot on monitor posturing! The last song continues in similar vein and to their credit the band really rock out and go down very well.

Signed to Island records you could expect to see a lot more of Damone if they get the right person behind them. They've done themselves no harm today and have definite promise, another one to watch out for.