Finishing just short of the punchline...

Tonight is a sell out and therefore the reason why I am still queuing outside when Punchline have already kicked off this 'Good To Go' tour, on the opening date in Oxford.

Punchline play straight up Pop/Punk and make no apologies for this. The sound system doesn't quite do the band the justice that they deserve, and I guess that this is 'first-band-syndrome' as things appear to be sorted out for next band Army Of Freshmen.

Punchline come from Pittsburgh, an area that isn't at the forefront of your mind when you think of rock, but have released two albums and an EP. This is the first time that the band have played in England, and it's nice that they are in a venue that often has people turn up early for the opening acts. The crowd seem to be enjoying themselves and are jumping up and down, and clapping along with the big guitar riffs, from a band that has been supporting Bowling For Soup on the American leg of the 'Get Happy' tour. The sound is a little Simple Plan crossed with Allister and MEST and it's a nice opening to this night. There are a few people that make their way over to the merchandise stand in order to get a copy of their album, and this performance, even with dodgy sound system, will do them no harm. It's not a big punchy performance and probably more a nod towards a band finding their feet, but tonight it's just good enough.