Darren Hayes at the Soho Revue Bar

With the upcoming release of his third solo album, Darren Hayes is currently previewing selected tracks in exclusive, and intimate gigs around the world, including this one at the Soho Revue Bar in London's West End. To be honest there are only five or so words to describe this very intimate showcase, and these are EXCELLENT, SUPERB, AMAZING, REMARKABLE, and OUTSTANDING!!!

After being away from the charts for so long, you may be fooled into thinking Darren Hayes had taken a new direction in life, maybe became a teacher, or a surfer on some Australian Beach, but you would be wrong. After two very successful solo albums, the third titled 'This Delicate Thing We've Made' has to be just as great, and this takes time and a lot of effort. After all the hard work put in, the tracks are sounding incredible. The inspiration behind the tracks varies; 'How to build a time machine' in particular is about regret and the relationship with his father.

After the hype his second album caused where people though he was going in a rather dance/techno direction, it sounds as though he is going to be bringing this album back home, with a twist. Hayes still gives some of the tracks the techno dance feel 'Popular' had. The track 'Step into the light' has the audience fooled into thinking it was a ballad from the beginning, which it is not. Then there are some more pop rock songs to come, like 'On the Verge of Something Wonderful', which had a that typical pop rock feel, but while giving the audience an otherworldly experience. One thing that has to be said for Daren Hayes and that's he sure knows how to put on a show, even for a crown of around 500. His vocals were spot on, and don't worry, he doesn't fail to reach indescribably high notes that we have come to expect from such a talented musician. All the tracks were accompanied with amazing music from guitar, drums and keys with some rather strange tuned in sounds.

This was an excellent show and it is highly recommended you catch him while he's in the UK. If not, listen to the album, planned for release August 20th 2007 on his very own record label 'Powdered Sugar'. Its great to see that time away from the charts hasn't resulted in Darren Hayes losing the natural Aussie talent, and charm; a cracking return.