Back with a bang.

Given that RoomThirteen had got the lowdown about El Presidentes comeback, there was no way that the band's set at Rockness was going to be missed. Given that they were performing on the main stage when the sun was shining and the day was meant for being out in the sun was of little matter at all.

As they bounded on stage, there was a sense of urgency about the band and when a few minor sound problems briefly delayed the start of the show it may have been a niggle but it was never going to derail the band. Lead singer Dante may have looked rather different from the bands last round of shows but that rasping classic vocal remains firmly in place. Be it the higher-pitched yelp of '100mph' or the more sneering 'Rocket', all the deliveries were spot on and had a fair section of the crowd joining in.

Of course, Dante wasn't providing all the vocals as he was ably assisted by Laura Marks, who in between providing the female counterpoint to the lead vocals, also managed to throw in keyboard backing and got the crowd involved on the handclapping element. With the sun beating down it may not have taken too much to persuade the punters to get involved with the fun but the tiny dancer behind the keyboard was certainly doing her upmost to get some interaction.

There is always the element of the band being welcomed by a Scottish crowd but as the set continued there was genuine feeling that the crowd never knew how many El Presidente tracks they were already familiar with. The bands name may be well known but its clear that the singles from the first album may have digged into peoples subconscious a bit more than they knew.

Ending with eagerly awaited comeback track 'Late Night Binges', it seemed pretty clear that when the El Presidente comeback gets to up to full speed, its going to be very difficult to stop the act.