Lively Indie

Londoners Talk Taxies are one of the first bands to kick off proceedings on the second day of Latitude Festival, playing the small Lake Stage there's a fair crowd as the larger arenas don't open until later in the day, giving Talk Taxis a good advantage over later acts.

Their first track certainly grabs your attention; angular beats ring out before the singer starts to emit some random tourette-like yabberings that sound like a violent allergic reaction! It's a little unusual but thankfully the remainder of the set is a little less bonkers and easier to digest, there's some chiming guitarwork and crashing percussion in the next tune, which has far more cohesive lyrical content about publicity. The band seem quite at home jumping around the stage and swinging their guitars around with conviction.

Single, 'Liverless' has a slight ska vibe in its vamping guitars and swaggering rhythm, which inspires some crazy dancing near the front, while the vocals continue to spill from the band's mouthes with alarming ease.

Talk Taxis resemble much of the dishevelled indie that's popular at the moment, but having the confidence to play a major festival like this is a big plus point for the young London quartet.