Not the best start to Sunday.

The Electric City. Bet you'd never guess their style of music from the name. Country? Jazz? Dub foundation with a hint of bossa nova?

Nah, they are in the same ballpark as Kasabian and Primal Scream when they plug in the sequencers. Resplendent in shades and talking like geezers, the band have the perfect name to sum themselves up.

All the songs throb along and theres a disaffected sneer in the vocals. The second track mentions electronic city a few times and you have to wonder if the name or song came first, not sure which would be better?

The set was largely unmemorable, there has been a wave of these acts of late and unless they're great its really hard for them to stand out. That's not to say that the Electric City are any poorer than their peers but on this showing, they're certainly no better. Its also worth wondering if they have any UK plans or how they've avoided coverage at home. 'Devil' had a strong chorus to it but it still wasn't great.

The stage banter asked if people would be watching the Kings of Leon later as that was the plan for the boys on stage. Which was nice to know and it probably got The Electric City the biggest cheer of their set. To spend half an hour playing a full set and to realise that this was the most memorable moment of the gig would indicates that this was poor fare.