Father Jam's brother got a groove going

Basement Jaxx were to headline the Channel 4 Stage later in the day, and anyone who was looking forward to that would have found plenty to like about Unkle Jam.

When you listen to recorded versions of their tracks, there's a real seventies and eighties soulful pop thing going on. This is very much present when they play live, but there's also a rock edge to them that gives an added dimension.

The set was short, with only five songs played. These included recent singles 'What Am I Fighting For' and 'Love Ya', with the centerpiece of the show being an excellent cover of the White Stripes 'Seven Nation Army'.

The trio got a decent turn out for their early afternoon set on the Virgin Mobile Stage, and were rewarded with a tent full of moving bodies.

Their self-titled debut album is due out next month. It will be interesting to see how there music turns out over a longer album as sometimes electro acts such as these impress with one or two singles and short sets, but struggle to maintain the standard for more than a few songs. Things are looking good so far though.