Bizarre Covers Make This A Set That Passes For Watchable.

Fall out boy are clearly the next big thing- the Funeral For A Friend mania has died down and after a pathetic crowd for their set, it's nice to see the main stage crowd looking a little bulkier before a rapturous cheer greets the Fall Out Boy mob as they take to the stage.

I have to say, I am somewhat taken back at the average age of those watching this afternoon. However, this may be due to the fact that there are a large amount of under 15s in the crowd and thus, parents tagging along with rucksacks, blankets and My Chemical Romance hoodies heaped in their arms.

The set also contains a few unexpected covers, possibly a brief nod to the parents in the audience as the band manage to slip in a cover of Michael Jackson's 'Beat It'. It's a sad sign when a bands covers knock the socks off their own material. Whilst 'Sugar We're Going Down' is a joyous pop masterpiece that gets most of the crowd singing along (a few confused looks scatter the older members of the crowds faces), there's a real feeling that Fall Out Boy are not going to stick around for long enough to gain an earned position on the Main Stage lineup in years to come.

Fall Out Boy may offer a slightly classier sound than most of the emo fodder that's around at the moment but there is not much beyond bassist and mainman Pete Wentz to hold the attention of the UK for any length of time, and with MCR beating them to the top-dog position, Fall Out Boy will have a hard time remaining on the rock radar if they can't tip their live performances from average to great.