They've got Cult Status.

It may have been Inverary but the area in front of Connects Oyster stage was starting to resemble a night out in one of Glasgow favourite indie haunts. The reason for this mass decampment was down to the 1990s who proved themselves to have more than a 'Cult Status', they were received like stars.

The sound may be straight from the Johnathan Richman borrow from The Velvets manual but when its done so well, its silly to do anything but dance. Glasgow bands have a habit of showing their influence very prominently as Teenage Fanclub showed later on.

They may have a drummer that sings, which isn't the music worlds most pleasing prospect but it comes across ok but one instance where the band sparkles is in the guitar playing of Jackie McKeown. In any 3-piece its vital for an instrument to take the lead and the biting guitar riffs do the job nicely. It was also a sign of the very good sound quality that Connect was offering up.

With catchy backing vocals featuring all the ooh-oohs you could ever want, the 1990s were well on their way to being a major hit of the day and the band seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.

Fridays favourites CSS heartily endorse the 1990s and no doubt their friendship influenced the Glasgwegian accent used by them during their set. The thing is though, its hard not to get caught up in the excitement of the bands show, although breaking news that bassist Jamie Morrow has left the band has cast the festival gig in a more nostalgic light already.