Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro are one of the bands that are being recommended by everyone to everyone this year including recomendations from Kerrang! magazine. This is another band with a unique sound who manage to move in to a much wider genre than simple punk-rock. They scotts play through their set and hammer out all of the songs fans want to hear.

The Biffy Clyro following is a dedicated and rather large one - especially for this time on a Sunday morning. The set, however, like many acts at festivals, fails to live up to their live potential. You get the feeling that had this band been headlining the second stage they would be significantly more impressive and would have played to the best of their ability. This stage is perhaps just too large for them at the moment in many ways.

The set itself is good musically and the crowd feel a part of the gig despite the set being extremely short.