You me at Six live at Astoria 2

You Me at Six is a new five piece about to join other successful artists in the charts. Okay, they may have the looks of McFly but when it comes to the music, they have the poppy rock sound of Elliot Minor and Plain White T's.

The tracks at this performance were all upbeat and the type of tracks you can very well sing along to after hearing them just once. It may be me, but I find it difficult to understand the tracks on occasions due to the music being up too high. Lucky for me, the band managed to overstep this problem and was perfectly audible throughout their performance.

Many support acts find it difficult trying to entertain an audience that is there not to see themselves, but another band. From start to finish, the lads of You Me at Six had no problems getting the crowd going. Their musical ability was first class, the vocals were edgy at times and the enthusiasm that was put in was terrific. Real dedication was shown when vocalist Josh went into the crowd. The recent release 'Save it for the Bedroom' made the band go wild. First guitarist Max lost it, and then bassists Matt quickly followed. After performing their catchy tracks and the lads rocked the stage, the crowd was well and truly warmed up for Elliot Minor, and full of excitement.

The only problem I had with these lads is their lack of hygiene. Drinking water and spitting it over the crowd, now that can't be sanitary. Other than that these lads have amazing stage presence, ability and performance technique. They managed to heat up the atmosphere, warmed the crowd, and were well and truly there to rock.