Kids in Glass Houses - Islington's Carling Academy

This five-piece power pop rock band sure knows how to throw one hell of a Halloween bash. From Cardiff these lads came, but it was London's Islington Carling Academy that they rocked. After playing with the likes of Lostprophets and 30 Seconds to Mars in recent months, the band began to build up their reputation. The group, despite being unsigned, were able to entertain the crowd with numerous upbeat tracks. Being known for their habit of throwing a cover into their live sets, tonight they covered Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' (which they also did at their Halloween 2006 show). This track suited the night extremely well, especially when lead singer Aled Phillips came on dressed like Jackson as a Zombie and the rest of the lads dressed like skeletons. Even though Aled described them as "cheap as s**t" they had an amazing effect on the crowd, who themselves were dressed for the occasion.

With tracks off their 2006 debut Ep release ('E-Pocalypse!') like 'Raise Hell' and 'Historia', they gave off some good beats and the fans took the opportunity to sing along accapella to the party song 'Pink Suede' while the band watched on in amazement. While some of the tracks were more moderately paced, three in particular stood out; 'Skeletons' had an amazing bouncy chorus, which not only had the five lads on stage jumping around like headless chickens but the guys listening in the audience. 'Shameless' had a really catchy chorus that sounded familiar, though not easily traceable (believe me I've tried), as did debut single 'Me me me'. There was also a first taste for fans of some new tracks written for the upcoming album.

From Phil Jenkins and his pounding drums, guitarists Joel Fisher and Iain Mahanty and bassist Andrew Shay (that blended some amazing guitar riffs), it was surprising that no one in the band went home with a black eye the way they spin repeatedly with their instruments! Lead singers seem to like going into the crowd, getting closer to the crowd to really get their music across and it gives the fans a treat. Following in the steps of so many singers before him, front man Aled does the same and by doing so was pulled into the crowd, needing some assistance in getting free! Nice vocals though.

At most gigs you'll attend the band always comes back on for an encore, it's expected. Kids in Glass Houses did not do this; instead as the end approached, the climax began and the crowd were hyped up just enough to be pushed over the edge. They were joined on stage by the other bands that have been supporting them on the tour for one last get up and dance.

Being the last night of the tour the lads are now off to record the new album, after which they are set to support fellow Welshmen Funeral for a Friend on their December UK tour.