A Sure Triumph

The New Pornographers are one of those bands that are frequently there in the background of the music scene and while garnering much praise, never seem to get the overwhelming support they deserve. Perhaps it's because their songs rely on the drama of everyday life and the band themselves are fairly unremarkable - tonight dressed in hoodies, showing a clear appreciation for the Glasgow weather - although of course this guise covers up the fact that they're one of the most creative and engaging bands out there on the leftfield indie scene.

They kick off with, 'All The Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth' from their current album, 'Challengers', it's a jubilant tune with dual vocal melodies and even dual keyboards, which add a certain symmetry to the stage, despite filling it so much that the guitarist and bassist perhaps struggle to move much. Title track, 'Challengers' is equally disarming in its slow and beautiful melody, which washes over you with the calm and comfort of a Caribbean tide. The euphoria of, 'My Rights Versus Yours' is infectious to the gleeful crowd, who continue to heckle the band warmly between songs, causing singer Carl to explain that his name means the same as "cunt" where they're from, which is greeted with much mirth. 'The Spirit Of Giving' featuring some glorious accordion accompaniment from Kathryn.

Although there are evidently plenty of tunes from the new album, 'The Bleeding Heart Show' and 'Sing Me Spanish Techno' are among the cream of older songs making their way into the set. The New Pornographers are an unassuming live band, who confidently connect with the audience; there's no show or pretension, they merely banter on a par with the audience and create a comfortable and familiar atmosphere to let their sumptuous songs blossom.