Perfect Poetic Performance

The Indelicates are one of the best bands of 2008, or any other given year for that matter. Their new album is full of wondrous witty anthems which translate perfectly live. The band begin with a blaze of furious guitars and the frenzied, 'Last Significant Statement To Be Made In Rock n'Roll', no sooner have they begun than guitarist and singer Simon has bent his guitar lead, perhaps testament to the band's real rock spirit. What's more captivating is their ability to banter with the audience during this pause, and then have them spellbound by the beautiful keyboard intro to 'America', which Simon whips a quick verse of Springsteen's 'Thunder Road' over, before finally launching into the simmering single.

The band have enough stage presence to need to do very little onstage, and when they do engage in chatter with the crowd, they do so intelligently, joking about Cambridge students. The stage of The Portland Arms is hardly big enough for 5 people, but during the first verses of the epic 'New Art For The People' with vocalists Simon and Julia taking centre stage, the rest of the group seem to melt away at any given moment, hanging like the rest of the room on their bandmates' every loaded word for maximum effect. It's a polished performance that gives sweeping poetic stunners like, 'Stars' and 'Unity Mitford' a chance to shine, as well as the fizzy pop of 'Sixteen' and 'Julia We Don't Live In The 60's'. The crowd are dancing along in no time and there's a great atmosphere that makes it sad to see the show end. If there's one album you buy this year, make it The Indelicates', and then be sure to see them live!