Templeton Pek at Islington's Carling Academy

If there is any band out there at the minute that appreciate any response they get from a loud mouthed crowd it has to be Templeton Pek.

When No Use For A Name hit Islington’s Carling Academy recently, Templeton Pek were one of two support acts sent to maintain and entertain a rowdy crowd before the main act appeared. No matter how lethargic the crowd seemed this Birmingham band took every opportunity to thank them as often as they could, even if they were not appreciated for the performance they were putting on.

Templeton Pek is a band with a lot of energy and power. Each time the drums were beating, the pillar to which I stood shook in its place causing the floor to vibrate beneath my feet. Explosive rhythms made me shudder in my boots while they belted out ‘Catch 22’, the B-side to the single they released last year and the title track to their debut album ‘No Association; this was by all means the best track performed within their set. Along with the louder and more buoyant tracks, the band also took slower action for ‘Utopia’ with a slightly more melodic alteration to begin with but flows with the suit to the previous numbers becoming much more vibrant and upbeat towards the end.

Templeton Pek knows exactly what a crowd are after, and with the right audience would go down a storm.