Kill Hannah live at the Astoria

It was an amazing feeling to see Kill Hannah hold a stage like their own, even though they were at the Astoria in London in support of Aiden. Their performance was an explosion of sound, light and imagery like no other I have seen. To be honest, the enthusiasm and creativity that was put into the performance and special effects could actually be considered more superior than the main act.

As the band entered the stage, green beams shot from the ends of their guitars, spotlighting as many of the audience individuals as they could. When highlighted like this and singled out, it could make an admirer of the band feel special and appreciate the band that little bit more. When these were not spotlighting the crowd, the reverse end of the guitars had permanent lights so the band could be made out while the stage was lit up with flashing lights or in darkness. At times however, the lights were the only things on the stage that could be made out. On tracks including ‘Boys And Girls’ and ‘Love You To Death’, the band were silhouettes standing on a flat surface. On occasions, red and yellow lights frantically flashing gave slow motion imagery, specifically on ‘The Chase’.

This was a performance that got everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the crowd off their backsides and on their feet. From a woman in her 50s waving her arms around and a man I his 40s taking pictures to a couple in their 30s, individuals in their 20s and teen romances filling the air.

The stage was set on fire when these guys took to it with their energetic movements and powerful performances. The most spectacular performance without a doubt was ‘Crazy Angel’. This song got the crowd moving and singing along with its hooks, guitar riffs and explosive chorus. If you want a night out that you’ll never forget, Kill Hannah is a band to see.