Two Years In A Row And Bottles To Boot

Last year Elliot Minor slipped under most people’s radar. For many their inclusion on the line up this year was a bad an insult as Lethal Bizzle but this is a band that have already played the festival before, making you feel slightly sorry for the pummelling they’re destined to take.

As soon as they put one foot on the stage, before a single note is played Eliot Minor receive a welcoming attacking of bottles and as they delve into ‘Still Figuring Out’, lead singer Alex Davies has already taking a hit to the head that receives a cheer from the crowd before he smacked again by a projectile, this time in the chest. But Elliot Minor aren’t to be put off and although the nerves are showing, the York five piece plough on, running through tracks from their self titled debut album such as ‘Parallel Worlds’ and ‘Jessica’ which gain some positive cheers from a small section of the crowd, even if objects still continue to fly through the air.

Perseverance is key for Eliot Minor today. Had they been on a smaller stage or further down the bill they may have accumulated a more receptive crowd but by gaining mainstream popularity this year that is made up mostly by teenage girls, they were targeted as being the scourge of Download. Undeserved it may be but at least they held their ground, played their set and didn’t give into the hail of bottles. Hey, maybe they’ll even make it a hat trick and be back next year …